Friday, January 11, 2013

Just some Korea lovin'

It is still Fah-reezing--with a capital F here.

I think our coldest temperatures these past two weeks was 0 F with a windchill of -9 F.  GET ME OUT OF HERE, ha.  We have had a little recent relief..these past 2 days and through the weekend (peaking out at 34 F)  Wow, never thought I'd be relieved or even say that I think 34 F is WARM :o)

We are sooo looking forward to some SpRiNg-TiMe FuN-tImE.  I am going to buy a new fancy shmancy camera soon & I can't WAIT to snap some shots of the cherry blossoms, temples, & Korean historical stuff before we head out in October.  Plus, spring is the most beautiful season here so I am looking forward to that <3  

Sometimes on my way home from work I treat myself to a Korean lunch at this cute little restaurant by our house called "The Small House"...literally, in English.  Ha :)  They are the sweetest.  I only bought Kimbop (the sushi-looking stuff, but without the sushi) and I left with 2 bowls of different types of Kimchi and this popular side called "Bu-ching-gae".  It was soooo good.  And just to think when I first moved here I would've looked at this stuff and thought "Um, there's no way I'm eating that".  But now...I LOVE it.  It is so good for you and full of vegetables, in fact I think it's all vegetables.  But woo wee you will smell like something awful after you eat this ;)  I think I'm probably the only American that goes in there lol & I do order in full Korean.  They don't speak a stitch of English!

The snowy mountains, those lumps are graves.  The people aren't actually IN the mounds, but underneath.

Little Danny hopping along.

This is my newest English-studying student, Stacy.  I work with her mom at the bank (and her brother, named Noah, is currently studying in Canada for a year and a half)  She is wanting to study in Canada as well so I am helping her learn English.  It is a lot of fun!  I just met a new student yesterday named Sam and he is best friends with Stacy.  Stacy loves to cook so I am teaching her the 'American way' of cooking and she is really enjoying it.  The other day I used an automatic can opener and she thought it was the best thing ever.  I forget all these experiences are so new to them and I love seeing them get to see a different way of life!  I am having a lot of fun teaching again :o)

Us on the subway!  Our way of transportation for the past 2 years and 2 months!

Well, that's all for now!  We love you guys and hope you had a great new year!  Chat with you soon :o)

<3 Britt & Mike