Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fa-REEZING-ness is here!

Holy Taleedo--it is COLD in Korea!

We have finally--which is still too soon (ha), reached cold temperatures here.  By cold, I'm talking lows of the single digits & 0.  Eek..this really just sets the pace for what's to come for the rest of the winter.  In just one..ONE..day we have already gotten more snow than last year combined.  Last year was a fairly mild winter but this Fall and early Winter has been really, really wet.  I'm happy about it though :o)  The snow never gets old to me!  Which..I guess is a good thing because we will be seeing TONS of it in Germany!

Here are a few pics that we were able to get from today!  This is inside of our yard..

Obviously one of the pooches prefers the snow-ness more than the other ;)

We also took the biggin' to the mountain (left Dan at home because of his frozen tootsies) and Mike and Shep had a great time wrestling.  Snow is predicted in the forecast for a couple more days this week into the weekend, so it looks like it's here to stay!

We have just reached right around 10 months left here in Korea.  It's weird to think that this time next year..we'll be attending the German Christmas markets.  I'm not sure if I've posted pictures of those yet but if you have a few free seconds..just google it.  It is A-M-A-Z-ing!  Looks like something out of a fairytale.  Here are a few pictures I snagged off google...

:) !!!!!

So, recently I came across one of the BIGGEST underground shopping malls in Korea.  How I've missed it after 2 years is beyond me.  But..it's probably a good thing I HAVE missed it ;)  I've gone there like 3 times in 2 weeks..and will be going back again.  The deals are just TOO good!

The mall is endless..and it is all underground in the subway station..here are a few pictures..

As you can see...the store names are so original..like the store name "The" in the last picture :o)  Koreans & their imagination...Phew!

Hope you all got our Christmas cards by now, if not, hopefully they will arrive soon!  If you're wondering 1,000 WON is equivalent to around .95 depending on how strong/weak the dollar is.  (Right now, it is almost a 1:1, ugh!)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday & a happy, safe rest of their week!  We love you <3

Mike & Britt