Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going to Japan or not, that is the question!


Hope you all are doing well.  Things on this side of the world have been kind of nuts lately with the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  We weren't sure at first if Mike was going to have to go to Japan has a rescue help or helping passing out aid but they are sending the Navy to do that instead.  As for my trip, as of right now, I am still going (which personally I think is kind of crazy).  But Okinawa was completed untouched, in fact, a woman that works for the bank out there emailed a coworker here and told her she didn't even feel it!  I'm a little nervous but I know they wouldn't send us unless it was absolutely safe.  Things could change though so I will still keep you posted.  I'm supposed to leave Monday, the 21st.

On a more enlightening note, we went to a new place last weekend.  It is called Insadong.  It was about an hour-ish from our house on the subway.  A women I work with told us we should go there because tourists really like it.  It kind of reminded me of a "China town" of Korea.  It had all the traditional Korean souvenirs, pottery, things like that.  Korea is especially known for their pottery (Nana, you'd love it) so that was really cool to look at.  I think my favorite thing in Korea is their colored rice paper lamps.  You can choose your design, any color, shapes.  They are so awesome but really expensive.  I'm saving for mine's like $'ll see why they are a rip off but they are hand made..I somehow justify it :)

Insadong is especially known for their vendors.  They have some of the best Korean food (more like snacky-junk food that Koreans don't even eat) but they know Americans LOOOVE it.  Here is a vendor that is selling I think sugar coated-roasted chestnuts.  Actually, nevermind I just realized it's some wood work stuff.  Anyways, there was one person selling those, ha!

Here are some more pictures of Insadong...

Anyways, it was really fun!  Definitely a place to take visitors.  I will continue to keep you all posted about Japan.  Have a great week!

Miss you guys!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A big congratulations!

Hello everyone!  

Just wanted to hop on here real quick and say CONGRATULATIONS to Mom & David.  Today is their wedding day!  I know many of you probably won't read this until tomorrow because you'll be enjoying the day planned for everyone.  Mom and David, Mike and I wish you both the absolute best and happiest life possible and also fresh new start in Colorado.  We love you!  Sorry we couldn't be there for your special day.  Promise we will make it up to you!

This week has been good, kind of tiring.  Mike went to the promotion board (got in his fancy uniform and all) and had to answer tons of random questions prepared by the board of all the guys in charge at the base. Anyways..he PASSED!  So now, he is up for his E-5 or Sargent.  It was really excited.  I've gotten a lot more information on Japan and I am preparing for that too!  I think I am more excited about seeing a beach and feeling warm weather more so than the actual Japan part.  Ha ha.  

Today, I tutored the brother and sister I started tutoring English 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if I've already mentioned this but the boy is in 7th grade and wants to be called Aiden.  His sister, Rachel, is in 3rd grade.  They are so cute and it has been a really interesting..yet challenging..experience so far.  I tutor for 2 hours every Saturday.  There are a couple more kids that want tutoring but I think 2 is plenty :)  Here is a picture of our tutoring time today.  I taught them to play tic-tac-to followed by letters & animals "Go Fish".  We play these after they do their workbooks and the audio portion of the tutoring.  I try to make it as fun as possible because Koreans go to school 6 days a week (on Saturdays) and ALSO have to go to extra academies for English, Math or any other subject their parents want them to focus more on.  They come straight from school to me so I feel there has to be a way to make this fun for them.

Hope you all have an awesome rest of your weekend & week.  If some of you didn't get the email (I apologize..sometimes it's hard to remember everyone to attach in the emails), Mike and I got news we are staying till October of 2012.  It will be hard not seeing family for 2 years but I think it will pay off in the end to be together, save money, and hopefully get a nice duty station when it is our time to leave.  In the mean time, Skype is a good communication tool that is FREE and face-to-face talking!

Talk to you soon!
Congrats again Mom & David!