Friday, May 3, 2013

Aviation Formal!

Good evening :o)

We hope everyone is doing spectacular and everything is going well!  Things in "The Land of the Morning Calm" are good...and tensions have seemed to have settled down a bit (if any of you were wondering).  Isn't it a little funny though, how on the news channels you would've thought we were either AT war or war was fast approaching...and now it isn't even really a second thought?  Just shows that they aren't always credible and its' negative focus on things, I believe, has the ability to worsen situations and tensions.  But media is media and that's that!

Exciting things though...Mike only has like 10 days before he can start "officially" filling out paperwork for GeRmAnY!  Oh the joy that brings to my heart, ha!  Just leaving Asia brings joy enough but to think it's almost time for EUROPE.  GET OUTTTT.  So pumped.  So though paperwork can be a pain in the toosh...assuming the military doesn't lose it 3 times, the process should move right along ;)  

So every year, the Aviation group of Korea puts on this very formal, great ball called the AAAA ball (people just say "Quad A")  All the people who are aviation on the entire peninsula come together to celebrate each other as well as each others achievements while serving here.  It's a night to thank the Republic of Korea (ROK) military for being counterparts with us and having a successful joint service team.  The very first 4 Star General EVER in Korea (led the Korean war) was there as a Guest of Honor.  He was the sweetest man and so, so old.  Seriously...I'm assuming late 80's?  He still has his own secret service and what not and gets EXCELLENT treatment (which is totally should).    It was such a fun and special night to celebrate the aviators in Korea :o)

The translating board for the Koreans that were attending...thought that was pretty cool.

Ok, so, this picture might just be like "Oh, who are those people?"  No, THIS man is literally the God of Army Aviation haha.  He is the 4 star General that is in charge of both the U.S. Army as well as the Korean Army (leading Command basically).  Mike was specifically chosen almost 2 years ago to be his personal crew chief throughout his tour here in Korea.  I actually had the opportunity to meet him (he visited the base and bank that I work at).  They are the sweetest, most down-to-earth people.  He is the most senior-ranking Aviator in the entire Army, and he just happens to be leading Command in Korea.  How awesome is that?!  So proud of Mike!

Our third and final sighting of Cherry Blossoms has come and gone for the Sandberg clan.  They were beautiful as always this year, however, do to bizarre winds and off & on chilly, they weren't in bloom much longer than a week..BUT long enough for me to snap some pic-chas!

Spring is here in Korea, FINALLY.  I technically is here but I sit in sweat pants and a hoodie.  UGH.  It's way better than winter but..just isn't quite there yet.  I'm enjoying it though because I know the heat/humidity/rain that is upon us when Monsoon season hits.

Have a great day everyone!!!  The next post will be about the upcoming Buddha's birthday and the lantern festival for we are going to go to at a temple!

Chat with you soon <3

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  1. You guys looked amazing!!!!! We are so happy for you two and all the adventures you've already had and the ones you're about to experience!!

    Love you more than words,

    David and Mom :)