Saturday, July 20, 2013

Not ready for the U.S.A...

Not ready for the U.S.A?  What does that mean?  

Well, let me start with tonight's dinner.  After hearing from many people about this restaurant called "Brooklyn Burger", we finally decided to venture out and try it.  Since we've both been doing really well eating healthy & clean, we decided to have a "cheat night".  WE REGRET IT.  This restaurant is mainly unique because they serve everything imported from the U.S.  Even its' Tabasco sauce.  It was in this charming little area that they refer to as "French Village", because a lot of its' architecture resembles Europe.  

My toasted marshmallow Nutella milkshake.  Very good but holy richness!  I didn't even finish half.

My grilled cheese burger.  So much grease (like most American burgers) that it was borderline obnoxious.  The taste was great but didn't finish...oh yea, and those fries in the background?  Combined, we didn't eat half.

So, you're probably thinking, what does that have to do with the U.S.?  The plain and simply fact is our stomachs have changed, along with our palettes.  We almost never crave anything "American", and find us always migrating to different ethnic foods.  It has become a way of life for us, especially traveling through several different Asian countries (and soon-to-be European).  We were on the way home, feeling so stuffed and miserable because we aren't used to eating foods at all like this anymore.  Even our portion sizes have reduced, probably to less than half.  Instead of criticizing the differences, which I admit, was very poor at in the beginning, we now learn to embrace the differences.  When we first moved to Korea, I had a really hard time accepting what was considered "Korea's norm."  Mike explained it so perfect to me, that just because it isn't normal for US doesn't mean it is normal for them.  Sounds so simple, right?  But that was a true "A-Ha" moment for me.

A lot of people that I interact with at work (mostly U.S. Soldiers), are typically complaining about being here and have the notorious "How Many Days Left in Korea" countdown.  But my question to them is always, why?  Some people DREAM about traveling the world and yea, maybe not to Korea, but why not take the short time you have and open your mind and open your eyes.  I think people these days live in too small of a world and are so afraid to venture out.  That doesn't necessarily mean leaving the country.  How about just saying "Let's do it!" to somewhere new?  It never fails, every person who expresses these types of mentalities, I always tell them that if you have a poor attitude coming into a situation your outcome will likely be negative.  

People also ask where we are going next and I tell them Germany, a popular response is "Man, you must hate the states".  Why?  Why does that imply that I don't like the U.S.  That is my HOME and it always will be.   We know that one day, we will be in the U.S.  Which, is why we are so excited and anticipating Germany because..the way we see that we are given this amazing OPPORTUNITY, why not seize it? 

Most of you know that Mike & I had originally planned to come visit home (Florida/Ohio) for just under a month in October.  There has been a major change of plans.  Instead of coming home, we are now flying directly from Seoul to Frankfurt.  We will get our house, get our things all moved in, including the furniture that has been in storage for 3 years stateside, and get fully settled, taking leave back to the states sometime in the March/April time frame, we are guessing, before Mike's deployment.  This is the best route for our us and our fur children!  

I truly hope this doesn't upset anyone.  If anything, the reunion will be that much sweeter :D.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!  Get out there & try something new or different..perhaps even out of your comfort zone.  I promise you, the outcome is always worth it.  Just wait till next week...I have some HILARIOUS stories for you!

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  1. this is just crazy. its amazing how much your portion sizes and tastes buds have changed even in this short amount of time.