Friday, January 21, 2011

Trip to Nansam Mountain aka Seoul Tower...

Seoul tower is a huge attraction here in Korea.  It is located at the top of a mountain overlooking Seoul in every direction.  After taking a cable car to the top of the mountain, you arrive at an area below the tower entrance.  The "N" stands for Nansam Mountatin, which is what Koreans refer to Seoul tower as since it is located on the mountain.  In front of Seoul tower is an old "look-out" with built in weapons (not now of course) was used during the Korean war to spot the North Korean enemies.

From this point in the tower, we are exactly that distance away from North Korea's capital.  But, as far as distance goes between countries, we are only about 25 miles away.  So glad we have such nice neighbors :)

After the tower we ate at the Korean restaurant located inside of the top of the tower called Hancook.  It was...alright.  I'm not the biggest fan of Korean food so I am never "wowed".  Mike is the more adventurous of the two.  Anyone want to take a guess at what this is?  Pickled Jellyfish salad.  Mike said the texture was crunchy...I think I will pass!

At the base of the tower, Koreans buy or bring a lock of their own and write a message to their future husband/wife, or whatever their situation may be.  The lock stands for everlasting love and they throw away the key, symbolizing their heart is "locked".  It was crazy how many locks were there, this is just a small snapshot of the love locks.

Young koreans in school seem to always be doing a school project on international topics, mostly people.  These group of high school boys spotted us (because it is clear we stick out like 2 sore thumbs) and wanted our picture.  In the U.S. we say "cheese" when we smile and as we were posing, the boy to my left says "SAY KIMCHI!"  One of the highlights to my day :)  Mike teases and says I blend in with Koreans...not funny.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Very neat. I know Matt went by there but I dont know if went up :)