Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Annyeonghaseyo - common greeting word in Hangul, meaning "hello", "good afternoon", and so on.

Just thought I'd do a quick post & show some older pictures I've taken so far in Korea that I don't think many of you have seen yet.  The "Lunar New Year" is coming up for the Koreans, which is a pretty big holiday here.  If you didn't already know, the Lunar New Year is really big with the Chinese culture but is celebrated all across the Asian culture.  It usually just means the family sweeps the house (literally) of all ill-fortune..making way for good luck.  Koreans & I think actually a lot of Asians are huge into "luck".  They even almost all own lucky dogs..this is what they look like.  Don't be fooled by their cute looks..they are not friendly.

I was standing at the bus stop the other day and a Korean man was next to me and said in all seriousness, "READY TO WIPE THE DEVIL RIGHT OUT YOUR HOUSE?"  Come to find out..that is what the Lunar New Year means also.  Too funny.

A really popular thing to do here in Korea is golf.  They put driving ranges anywhere they can..and that means off of buildings!  But since it is cold a majority of the year here, they actually have indoor golfing..known as Screen Golfing.  It is really neat.  They even have the sounds of chirping birds, the wind, all that.  It is about as real as it gets.  It is only like 20,000 W, which depending on the day and currency is about $18.  My favorite thing is the automatic ball hit a button and it swings the ball around and puts it on the tee for you!  Mike is pretty bad at golf but this shot makes him look good :)

Fishing is a big job and importance here.  One of the neatest things here is visiting fish markets.  I know what you're thinking..ew that would does!  However, it is really neat seeing how one of the biggest industries works here.  If you want to sit and pick anything you want in any tank, pay their price, and they will cook it up for you just how you like it and season it too.  We didn't actually eat it that day but Mike wants to eventually.  I'm not huge on seafood so we will see.  Take a look at how huge those crabs are!!!

Well, that is about it for now.  I don't want to post too many things & run out..even though I don't think that would happen :)  Hope everyone is doing great and has an awesome Wednesday!  Miss you...


  1. I love your stories! Love you.

  2. Hey Brit -- so if we lived in Korea -- we would have three chihuahua's, a Boston terrier, two cats, 6 fish and a " lucky dog we would rescue from the streets of Korea. Lol--- well maybe not. Our dogs would definitely be out on the snow--

  3. Oh yea -- two cats-- ana got a kitten for Christmas!