Thursday, February 3, 2011

An exciting week!

So last week I interviewed for the Military banking position on the K-16 base (where Mike is stationed).  Leaving the interview, I was thinking there was no way I would get this position.  Low and behold, I got a call earlier this week telling me I was selected :)  I go in Monday!  I plan on tutoring 5 families on the side for teaching English.  So things are looking up job wise!  One of the questions in the interview was asking me if I was willing to travel to...OKINAWA, Japan for 2 weeks to train.  Of course I didn't turn that down...

Another exciting thing about this week has been the "warm" temperatures..AKA 32 degrees- 41 degrees.  It isn't going to last, in fact it is getting back to its usual cold but we sure did enjoy it while it lasted!  It is pretty funny how I was tempted to wear just a thin long-sleeved T shirt in that weather.  I always tell mom that your body just adjusts..even if you are a full-blooded Floridian.

Since this week was Lunar New Year for the Koreans, it was a ghost-town around here.  I have to admit that was a nice break from all the crazy drivers and rabid dogs.  This weekend is the Super I'm sure you all know, so the weekend is kind of "designated" for Super Bowl festivities.  

Back in October, they held the G-12 Summit here in South Korea.  The place they held it at is this humongous mall/convention center/hotel/casino/aquarium/movie theater and so on...called the Coex (Convention & Exhibition Center)  It is HUGE, needless to say.  

Have a great weekend & Superbowl.  GO PACKERS! 


  1. I want to jump in that beach picture !!!! lol.

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