Saturday, February 26, 2011

A rainy day in Seoul...

Hey everyone!  Earlier in the week, I saw rain on the forecast and thought..there is no way!  Sure has been on & off raining since 2 this morning.  Crazy that 3 weeks ago we had snow and now we have rain.  We had plans to go to Insadong today (a lady I work with says it's Americans favorite place to go) but Seoul pretty much stinks in the rain so we weren't able to go.  We are having a quiet, lazy day at home enjoying what is left of the weekend.  

Not too long ago we had heard about this huge store, full of fresh fruit/vegetable much like a gigantic version of Walmart.  We wanted to check it out.  In the states, we use signs as references like "ok floor 1 has clothes" and so on.  This is the 'Information' map at this place.  Guess we will just..find it on our own :o)

One of my favorite parts about Korea is their vending machines.  It is so cheap and has the best juices (not much soda, they don't really like soda here).  Mike and I like to try something different every time.  My favorite so far is Mango juice.  Mike likes this weird ( I think ) grape drink that has like lumps of real grapes in it.  If you know me at all, you know I am so weird about textures..even when I was warned about the lumps I was disgusted!

Part of Mike's crew chief job is flying at night using night vision goggles.  This pictures were taken for his seat in the helicopter of part of Seoul at night.  The river is called the "Han river".  I heard it was named after the language Han-gul.  Koreans call it "Hangang"- gang meaning river.  The lights go on and pretty.

This is Danny's new favorite hiding place..between Shep's 2 dog beds...

Don't know if I have mentioned in the other blogs but I started tutoring a brother and sister.  He is in seventh grade and prefers to be called "Aiden" (so cute).  And his sister is in third grade and wants to be called "Rachel".  I am tutoring them English..both conversational and grammar..that type of thing.  They already learn some basic English is school so they have a good basis but the mom wants me to expand on it. This past Saturday was my first day and it was fun!  I went to a huge bookstore yesterday in Dongdeamun and got them their own workbooks.  The mom doesn't speak any English at all so to meet them and set up times..our realtor had to translate..pretty interesting!

Hope you all have a great week!

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