Friday, February 11, 2011

My first week!

Happy Friday :)  Hope you all had a great week..I'm sure you're ready for the weekend..I know I am!  I thought I would write and give an update on how my first week of work went.  Overall, I thought it went really well!  At times, a bit overwhelming but I am really catching on.  I work with 3 other Koreans, making me the only actually all of the CAC besides the people who work for the colleges on base.  That makes it really interesting when I am taking my lunch break and I am eating a turkey sandwich while everyone else is eating stinky kimchi, rice, dried anchovies, and a lot of other mystery foods.  Besides learning about work..I have learned SO much about the Korean culture already just from them.  

To "welcome" me into the bank, they took Mike and I out to a real authentic Korean restaurant last night.  I was a little hesitant..because I'm not wild about their food.  First we came in and took our shoes off, which is mandatory in a traditional restaurant.  The first thing I smelt...MY FEET.  They stunk so bad because I forgot to wear socks!  Needless to say the whole time I was thinking, please don't be able to smell my feet. They went ahead and ordered for all of us.  It was so much food I was shocked.  First they brought out big bowls of rice for each of us.  They then brought out a platter of different vegetables such as dried seaweed, spinach, sprouts, things like that.  Then you put what type of sauce you want for example bean sauce...the others I actually didn't know what they were.  They brought out 3 different types of Kimchi.  One type had been aged for probably 3 years (underground)..which is basically really spicy.  A soup kimchi..that wasn't aged.  Same taste..just different consistency. favorite the kimchi made in the restaurant instantly.  It was sweet and soooo good.  Then, they brought out sweet pork and regular pork.  You wrapped your pork in the lettuce cups and put rice or whatever you wanted.  FINALLY..after being so stuffed it was time for dessert.  It was kind of a grind cold cereal..mixture of barley, rice, wheat and Korean rice crispy treats (which is just popped rice and a little sweetness to it).  All of that for only 37,000 WON!  (About $35).  Needless to say, if we have visitors we are definitely taking them there!

Ok, ok, I'm sure you don't want to hear about the food anymore.  So the next thing that happened this past week..or that we noticed was that our neighbors "Jindo" dog had puppies.  I posted a picture of a older Jindo puppy back in my first few blogs.  But here is what they look like now...

It makes me want to take one so bad but I already have my hands full with 2 and we all know you just can't take 1 of this sweet little faces.

Also, just wanted to send a WOO HOO to my mom and David.  Congratulations mom and your new ENGINEERING position..and the wedding coming up of course.  You guys are going to LOVE Colorado..we are jealous!  What a great opportunity to have a fresh start out of Florida!  Now you two are the "Traveling Twosome" too!

Maybe one day...HA  

Love you all!

Hope you all are doing great.  


  1. That would be soooo amazing if you and Mike got stationed at Ft. Carson. I would be one elated mom.

  2. You know you deff. are a lot braver than I think I would be with food choices in Korea. Maybe I should go to Korea becuase i would be thinner. lol. You need to take all those pups home as well. Oh next time wear socks. lol.

  3. Brittney,
    Thank you for the praise and acknowledgment of your Mom's big promotion at work, she deserves to be cheered on by her family. Your Mom has worked extremely hard for her company for more than half of her life time. I am so happy that her company has given her the recognition that she deservers through this great promotion opportunity. She is my best friend and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.