Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jetsetting & police...

Destination:  Okinawa 
Leave:  March 21
Return: April 4

That's right, I am leaving way sooner than I thought!  I take out of Incheon, Seoul Airport on the 21st of March.  I am really excited but kind of nervous because I am yet again going into another foreign country that is completely different from Korea.  Different food, different language.  My number 1 and 2 things on my "have-to-do" agenda.

1.  Go to the beach (It will be warm enough to sit out!)
2.  Try REAL sushi (originated in Japan)

Mike is a little jealous because he wants to go but with his work schedule it would be too hard to take the leave plus we have no where to keep the dogs.  I told him if we do stay for 2 years we'll have to make a trip back.  He really wants to go to Tokyo.

I'm sure you saw the heading and thought.."police" ?!  Long story short.  I came home from work on Friday to this man that literally looked like Korea's version of "Where is Waldo"..with the glasses..hat..and striped shirt.  He was standing on our stairway asking me if we were throwing "feces" on top of this rusty shed next door.  I said no.  The more I thought about it..I had remembered that when there was a ton of snow on the upstairs area..we were letting Shep go to the bathroom and then right after shoveling it off.  Well..we weren't noticing where we were throwing it and didn't think it was that significant because it just fell into the thick snow on the shed.  WELL..the snow has now the "feces" is all exposed.  Later in the evening, the same guy and another guy came back and wanted to talk to Mike.  It seems here that men prefer to talk to men and vice versa.  So, Mike stuck with the story ( I know that is really wrong ) but we offered to clean it off with no problems.  They said no and that they were going to call the cops.  I was pretty much freaking out..but they never ended up calling the police..thank GOODNESS!  

The first thing I said to Mike was..oh wonderful..we would get in trouble for POOP.

It has been kind of quiet around here lately and we've been kind of lazy about going places.  Next weekend we are making it a priority! :)  So..instead of telling about a new place..I will post a couple of pictures on what we did on the New Year here.  We went to this place called "Lotte World".  It is kind of like Korea's version of Disney World.  What is so significant about this place?  After of it is indoors..roller coasters and all because it is so cold here, they want to be able to keep part of it open.  The castle and everything is outdoors but this is what we saw indoors...

If we end up staying 2 years..this is the car I am DETERMINED to get.  It's called the "Damas"..what does that look like? LOL

Have a great rest of your weekend and great week!  Love you all!

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  1. Britt,
    Wow! This sounds very similar to the Greenwood Manor Condo Associations, Poop Task Force, those dogs can’t get away from the Poop Police, they must be on Americas Most Wanted, LOL! We love seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures in Korea.