Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Spring time!

Good morning/afternoon/evening !

Well, it is definitely spring time here in Seoul.  The Cherry Blossoms are finally starting to bud (some blooming) along with all of the other little flowers and plants.  It has been nice seeing everything turn from brown to green!  I hear Korea is prettiest in the Spring & Fall, so this year I will be able to compare the 2.  My first official "work week" back was good.  It was really nice to see my coworkers again, they are always so sweet.  Nothing too terribly exciting happened this week.  I don't know if I mentioned this but Mike and I are getting professional pictures taken by a military wife, who is actually an amazing photographer, tomorrow early evening.  I was hoping the blossoms would be in full bloom by then but since we had a really cold winter they were a little late this year.  But, I'm just excited we are getting pictures.  We are doing it in the Seoul Tower park (remember the tower post I made).  I will post them after  she sends me the final edited CD.

So, I know I didn't dive too much into Okinawa..mainly because I have so much to say about it!  I still miss it a lot and would love to go back and visit sometime before we leave Korea.  

Here is the first (of many) official plate of REAL Japanese sushi we ate, along with our "Happy" coke can.  I drank like 5 cans of coke/day because the Coke in Korea is disgusting but in was normal...delicious 

Flying into Okinawa was really neat because it is such a small island..I had to snap a picture!

During the work week, we didn't do a whole lot since we wouldn't get back to the hotel till around 6 PM.  We did find a restaurant though that was absolutely amazing, great drinks, food, and such awesome people that made us feel at home in Okinawa!  The funny thing about this place (called Transit cafe) is on our very first night in Okinawa we were we walked down the street looking for a place to eat.  The only people we saw on the Sea wall was upstairs.  So we thought, hey lets just go up there.  WELL, the next morning, our trainer asked where we went to eat.  We told her, "Umm, I think the place was called Transit".  And she like freaked out saying that was the HIT place in Okinawa.  What are the odds!

Ugh, I could go on & on :o)  I hope everyone is doing great and has a great weekend ahead.  We love you and miss you always!

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  1. Ohh , you always write in such a great way. I love reading your blogs and actually can just picture it as if it were happening to me as it usually does lol.
    San Pedro de Atacama