Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring time in Seoul

Hello everyone :o)  Hope you all are doing great!  Things in Korea are finally starting to warm up & the trees, flowers are actually blooming.  Korea has one of the prettiest springs.  It is amazing moving from Florida and having no North Carolina with beautiful Seoul, South Korea with even more exaggerated seasons!  I definitely feel fortunate (even on my bad days) to have had the opportunity to see so much so far (and hopefully there is a lot more to come!)  Below are some pictures of some of the trees around here that are blooming and are so awesome..the pictures don't do it justice at all.

There are Cherry Blossom festivals this Mike and I are going to try and go to those.  There are a few blooming at the other base in Yongsan that are probably the prettiest things I have ever seen.  Can't wait for the festival.

Speaking of cherry blossoms, as you guys know, we scheduled to get pictures by a military wife photographer here.  She is awesome and comes very highly recommended.  WELL, we initially scheduled during the time of the cherry blossoms..because they were supposed to be bloomed by now.  Since we had a colder winter this year, they are blooming a lot later.  So we didn't actually get any pictures of the blossoms in but it's no big deal.  She took over 350 pictures so don't freak out..there are PLENTY of just Mike and all that because many of you seem to think it was all about me.  She has only sent me a total of 2 pictures so I could put on my Facebook.  Hopefully she'll be done editing by this weekend so I can send a few out.

Another thing I forgot to post about was before I went to Okinawa, a woman who works for the bank down south got married.  She is Korean and he is in the Army, I think.  They had a "traditional" westernized wedding as well as a traditional-style Korean wedding.  We were all invited!  It was the coolest experience.  I guess nowadays, it is really rare to carry on the traditional Korean wedding.  This was the first wedding all of the women I went with had ever been to (so I got pretty lucky).  Here are a few pictures...

Despite not knowing a thing of what anyone was saying (either did the groom) it was still really neat!  The reception food consisted of German-style food (for his taste), but mostly Korean style with Kimchi, Chop-chae (kind of a noodle mix), Kimbap (sushi..without the sushi) and so on.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week & weekend.  Love you all!

Britt & Mike

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