Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday!!

Woo wee, SO many things to talk about!  How is everybody doing?  Hopefully WoNdErFuL!  Things here in Korea are...wet.  It has been raining for about 2 weeks now and is projected to continue through the weekend.  It is full-force Monsoon season here :)  I will be ordering my Target rain boots tonight.  So, where to begin.  I am learning Korean (or trying to) at least, read and write.  It is so, so difficult but I am really getting the hang of it.  The picture below has me learning the phrase:

Jo-neoun Me-gook sa-ram im-ni-da
"I am from America"
"I am American"

I have almost the whole alphabet down and the sounds associated with each.  I kind of don't know why I'm putting in the effort because after I read them..and I can't understand them still haha.  OH WELL.

One of my absolute favorite things to eat in Korea..we call it "Beef & Leaf".  Basically, what you're looking it is pork (dweji-gogi) which is on the very right, just on the tip.  It is basted in this chili-type sauce.  Really good!  Then around the cooker is tofu-kimchi soup.  Mike doesn't like it but I think it is amazing.  It is spicy though, so have your Mul (water) ready!  Then, kind of what makes the meal is the red bean/chili paste (what my friend is reaching for).  It is so, so good..I would put it on anything.  It is full of flavor and has quite the kick so you don't need much.  Basically, you put a bit of that on the meat, wrap the meat in a lettuce cup, and then you put the other little dishes on it as you want.  There are whole cloves of garlic (apparently men here eat 3 a day to help their prostate....ooook) and then onions, radishes, that type of thing.  Anyways, I love, love, love it.

My 2 female coworkers and I went out to dinner a few weeks ago to this awesome, authentic Italian place up the street.  It was really good and had no Korean spins on it (which is really rare).  It was set up like an old fashioned Queens Castle or something.  Here is a picture of the back garden, just wanted to show you how pretty Korea is the spring.

And finally, B.M.K.  She is a famous Korean singer.  She has her own TV show and everything every night.  Well, she is a friend of my coworkers from the bank and we got invited to her wedding!  She married a retired Army pilot, kind of how they knew her.  Her wedding was fancy, to say the least.  The Korean news and press were there.  Really fun!  Mr. Yu (my bank manager) insisted on taking this picture.  He is crazy, lol.

Out front of the CAC where the bank is located.  Needless to say it was raining men.

Have a great week everyone!!!  

Love you all!

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  1. Thanks for the update I miss you. and I dont know korean but CIAO. LMAO.