Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Asha-mika!  (How are you?)  Hope everyone is doing grand.  Sorry it has been a little while, things have been a little crazy on this side of the globe.  Mike has been in and out for training and I have been busy working, and dealing with SHEP

Long story short, I was walking him and Danny.  There is this one really protective Jindo-k dog (remember those cute puppies I posted a while back, that same breed) that lives down the street.  She stays behind her fence but I guess Shep's foot got too close for her liking and she bit underneath and almost ripped off his entire toe.  So to the Korean Emergency Vet we went.  How STRESSFUL to try and find a vet..period in Korea.  Kind of like navigating in a supersized version of Manhattan where things are just on top of each other, making it completely confusing and not logical.  So anyways, he received surgery to stitch his toe back on and so on.  THEN, he decided it would be a great idea to rip out the stitches a couple days later so back we went and now he has staples.  SO it has been quite the 2 weeks, especially doing all of it with Mike gone.  That was definitely one of the hardest moments I've had living in Korea so far.  It isn't a good feeling having no car, no where to ask for directions because no one speaks English, and so on.  Definitely teaches you to appreciate the little things.  But all is well and he is healing slowly :o)

Nothing too different or new has happened here.  Just staying busy and following right along in our weekly routine.  Last week a friend of mine needed to renew her SOFA stamp (yearly stamp that permits you access into Korea) and you have to travel to hours South to Osan in order to do that.  Osan has an Airforce base so we headed down there for a day.  Did I mention they have a Chili's on base :o)  Funny thing is I don't like Chili's too much in the states but I LOVE it here!  A little taste of heaven.  Oh, and Osan has extremely good knock off purses so can't leave there without one of those either!

If you are wondering what the green net is in the apartment buildings..ohhh you know that is just a DRIVING RANGE for golfing.  They fit those dag em things everywhere they can!

The neat thing about Osan is that it is a world different from Seoul.  It is quiet, a lot more personal and friendly.  The drivers aren't trying to run you off the road..you know all the luxuries in life :)

And last but absolutely not least, I recorded one of 300 million commercials it seems like we have here in Korea.  They are soo obnoxious but you can't help but to laugh and be absolutely interested.  To me, it seems like the creators of these commercials have severe ADD but I will let you be the judge of that :o)

Make sure your volume is way up!

Have a great day everyone!  Love you all :)

Mike & Britt

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