Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall has arrived!

Hello everyone :o)

So, I think I can call this my first "official" fall season that I have seen the leaves change colors.  I had seen a few here & there but we weren't in NC long enough for me to see a true fall season.  Now I have seen all four season of Korea..& they are definitely four seasons alright!

Here are a few pictures that I was able to snap while driving & hiking..I'm going to try and get better ones soon.  Some of the trees, well most actually, are still in the process of changing so more pictures will come as they change.

The dogs & I have been hiking a lot lately after I get off of work since the weather has been so nice (for once).  They are loving it & I figure might as well get it all in before the ice and freezing cold comes!

My big, big boy!  If you're wondering where the little one is, since he has proven multiple times that he cannot listen..he gets leashed on the mountain.

Anxiously waiting for some food to drop.

They put these random exercise machines everywhere on the mountain trails.  This is Mike "attempting" to perform some ab workout.  Wasn't able to capture that he nearly flipped off :o)

This entire weekend they are having an air-show/air expo right across the street from our house at the ROK (Republic of Korea) Army base.  We are allowed to go on by military bus only but that way you can see the planes and what not.  Mike is up there, I stayed home.  I have seen and heard (sooo loud) them practicing for the past 2 weeks so I figure I will watch from our rooftop :o)!  

Anyways, got to run for now!  Got some cleaning up to do.  Love & miss you all!!!!!!


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