Sunday, December 4, 2011

FINALLY, a new post :o)

Hey!  So sorry I haven't posted in a long time.  I've been trying to think of something new and interesting.  You're probably is that possible, they are in KOREA.  Ha ha.  

A little update on us--

Our Thanksgiving was nice!  We had a quiet day, spent cooking (well Mike cooked it :p) and I was offering "moral support" LOL.  Since Koreans don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I actually ended up having to take the day off.  How crazy is that?!  Koreans celebrate a day called Chusoek (I wrote a post about it a while ago with that disgusting picture of their "rice cakes" they eat).  Anyways, we hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving.  

The weather here really hasn't changed much at all.  It is still lingering around the 40's and upper 30's at night which is pretty strange for this time of year.  But I am sooo not complaining!  Running the heat is super expensive around $500-$1,000/MONTH!  That is right...per month!  The Army gives us around $900 (Korean money W956,000) but we try to not use that much.  The reason it is so expensive?  Because we don't have ventilation in our houses, the heat comes from the floor, up.  Heating the floors is great but that is where the high expense comes from.  I think our most expensive heat bill last year was $560.  Yikes!!  No more pretty fall though..just a bunch of sticks now!

One of my favorite places to go here with friends or Mike whenever he has time is called, "Caffe Bene".  It is soooo good and it just a quaint little coffee/waffle place.  A very popular thing to snack on nowadays is a waffle.  No syrup though.  Blueberry sauce with yogurt or cream cheese. YUM.  In the back, Mike got some sort of bread with a candied type-fruit topping.  Very good too!

I figure I'd show a few pictures of Mike's work..vehicle :o)

Speaking of Mike, we are h-h-HOPING he is getting promoted to E5 by January.  WOO HOO for that.  So well deserved!  At the end of next year, the Army is making the new dress uniform mandatory.  They are switching from the 'greens' to the 'blues'.  I think these new uniforms are sharp.  He had them hand-made from a Korean tailor.  This is just the raw uniform, his medals and all that haven't been put on yet.  I will post that picture another time.

One thing I have never written about is how ridiculous (but smart) the Korean recycling works.  Because Korea has no natural resources, they have to be ultra resourceful in every way possible.  I mean...they even recycle WASTE. Ew.  Trash bag colors vary upon district of Korea you live in.  In our specific area, there are I believe 4 color trash bags.  A pink, blue, yellow, and miscellaneous color.  They each of a distinct use.  We don't recycle, ha!  We take our trash across the street on base.  It is so expensive, around $10 for 10 bags.  The way we go through trash, we'd spend like $400 a month!  But in the new high-rise where I walk the pups, this is what a recycle center looks like.

And last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite view I have seen in Korea.  Never gets old!  Every time we cross this area, I look from both ways and think "how awesome is this?". There's nothing quite like it, you have the city, water, and mountains.  What more could you ask for?  

Have a great week, all :)  We love you!!!

--Mike & Britt--

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