Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcoming the 'new year'...

Hey everyone :o)

Hope everyone is doing great so far into this new year.  Can't believe it's already 2012.  This month marks 1 year & 2 months we've lived in Korea!  Time is moving sooo fast.  Come May, our tour will be halfway over.  In fact, we can say we can leave next year.  Which...makes me happy to be near family again but I have to say it will be really hard to leave Korea in many ways.  But..the adventure must go on :o)

Things have been going pretty well here, still haven't gotten much of any snow.  Maybe 1/4 inch all winter so far.  This season is MUCH more mild than last season (which I'm not too terribly disappointed about).

I think some of you have seen our picture from the ball..sorry for the blurryness but it was the best we could do with my lovely camera.  Overall, we had a good time.  Much, much more quaint of only 175 people compared to 4,000 from our last ball at Fort Bragg.  Besides the food, they tried but at the end of the day when a Korean cooks lobster and Filet Mignon and is NEVER going to taste like we want it to.  Ha ha.

Today we decided to venture out and try out a new place in Seoul.  It is called 'Time Square', kind of like Manhattan, except, it wasn't, ha ha!  It was nice, but definitely not how I pictured.  We have much more near us and this was pretty far, about an hour on the subway.
It was fun though, always cool to see new places!  Here are a few pictures of just ONE of the malls...I just now noticed the pregnant girl in the first picture lol

Koreans celebrate the "Lunar New Year", or Chinese new year.  They are really big on seeing the new sun rise for the new year and sending out the old, in the with new, type of mentality.  SO my coworkers, Mike, and I went out to a really, really good restaurant and then to Noribong (or Karaoke).  Now before you say, "WHAT?! They went and sang in front of people".  No, no, no we did not :).  They assign each group their own little room, full equipped with tambourines, maracas, disco ball, the list goes on.  They have both American and Korean songs.  It is sooo funny.  My favorite part was that Mike was saying all day "Oh, I am so not going to do that".  Want to know something?  HE WAS TEARING IT UP!  And they said, "Wow, Michael is so good at singing".  If anyone has heard Mike sing, they will get a huge kick out of this :o)  Here are a few pictures...

And lastly, I haven't shown you guys this Korean dish before.  A couple of weeks ago my landlord picked me up and took me to go see his Korean friends that get together and learn English.  I would say they range anywhere from around mid 40s to late 60s.  They are so cute and they speak really good English.  Afterwards they took me out to dinner for Buddae Jiggae (a Korean stew).  It is kind of a bunch of junk thrown in a pot but it is sooo good ha.  As far as I could tell, it had noodles, rice cakes, rice, spicy sauce, spam (ha ha), and who else knows...

Have a great day everyone :o)
We love you!

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