Monday, October 14, 2013

A little love from Germany

The Sandberg's have made it 
(& if you were to know of the journey we'd be glad)

Long, long story short, didn't make the first flight & ended up leaving the next day do to a broken kennel.  I'll leave it at that :).  The important thing is, we are all 4 here & doing so, so well.

The flight was 11 hours & 40 minutes and it was very enjoyable.  Food was excellent, service was great, and we didn't crash (always a bonus).  We flew Lufthansa, the very well-known German carrier & were impressed!  Plus, they took great care of my babies.

Not sure if I mentioned this in my previous posts but the Army changed Mike's duty station last minute to Wiesbaden, also known as "Beverly Hill's" of Germany.  Instead of us being in Bavaria, we are now around 45 from the France border.

The dogs are LOVING IT!!

The city is quaint & SO beautiful.  Germany decided to grace us with a blue sky today so we took full advantage and headed downtown (about a 10 minute walk from base).

It really is a beautiful city.  I was surprised how well kept the architecture is and how 'true' they stay to the roots of their history.

We were just kind of wingin' it today, browsing the cute streets and seeing what the downtown area has to offer.  On Saturday's, they have local farmer's markets where they sell fresh fruits & vegetables.  We want to check that out this weekend!  Here is a picture I snapped today of a small cart.

We also stumbled across a meat market & let's just say..we didn't come out empty handed.  We couldn't buy too much considering we have a small kitchenette but we bought stuff to munch on, on some homemade crackers.  I will keep you posted on the delicious-ness of that!

Was trying to find the "perfect" place to eat today.  We kind of wanted a little of everything so choosing was HARD.  We finally settled at this charming little outdoor style restaurant. Mike ordered Jagerschnitzel (fried pork chops in an amazing mushroom cream sauce) and I got a mushroom ricotta stuffed tortellini.  We felt we chose right ;).  The number to right is obviously the price in Euro.  It wasn't too outrageous.

It is safe to say, we are so happy to be here.  Even if it is going to be under a year..we love European lifestyle.  This week is the official "in-process" time for Mike to get integrated into work, we can get on the waiting list for an apartment..that type of thing.  

Just wanted to do a quick post and let everyone know we are here and well!

Chat with you soon.


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