Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hey there!

The Sandberg clan is doing well, finally starting to feel adjusted and living more like people versus traveling nomads.  You really do start to appreciate the 'small' things in life..like not carrying groceries up & down hills back to your new apartment..on the third floor.  

We had to get a temporary car (which we knew was going to happen) since our car won't arrive till December.  Our current car is much nicer than our beater we drove for a while in Korea.  In Germany, beaters really don't exist.  Your car has to go through an intense inspection, even getting a colored sticker/number that signifies where your car can be driven.  What?  Yes, if you are driving anything less than a green 4 (highest), you can't even drive into downtown!  I guess that's why the air must be so fresh here..

We headed down to the local farmer's market here.  They hold them every Wednesday and Saturday.  It was so much fun!  The food was delicious and it was so nice to snatch up some insanely fresh and homemade jams, honeys, fruits, and vegetables.  Let's not forget the bratwurst and bread we bought.  We both are already craving another one!  Where the market is here is the same spot where the Christmas Markets will be held soon.  

We had a great time and want to try to make this a Saturday "norm".

Our upcoming plans for the November 8th weekend is to head to the Black Forest in Triberg Germany.  We want to hit up the House of 1000 clocks, FULL of handmade coocoo clocks.  And who knows, if I'm delirious enough..I might even buy one.  :)  Here's a picture of Triberg..hoping the fall colors are still in tact!

We were doing some thinking..and because we won't have any of our "stuff" for Thanksgiving, we decided to have a "Swiss" Thanksgiving..in Interlaken!  Going to stay there for 2 nights and then head over to Zurich for a night.  Pumped up!

The pups have their traveling passports so they are attending next month's extravaganzas!

December holds France for the Sandberg duo, followed by a trip to Prague in January, and Luxembourg/Belgium in February.  Yippy skippy!

Have a great week!

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