Thursday, September 15, 2011


O-so-se-yo means "Welcome" in Korean, something that I say A LOT through out my day working at the bank when Koreans come in to do banking.  Weird, it has kind of become habit now.

I am so sorry I haven't done a blog in a while now, things have been busy lately (which busy is always good!).  The biggest news is that we received our car & our household goods that we had in temporary storage in North Carolina.  But most of our other things still sit in long-term storage till we go to our next duty station.  We are sooo excited about having our own car here & now we don't have to fear breaking down in the 19th century-old Kia :o)  The car made it well except for 6 like little dents/dings on the hood.  It looks like something may have fell on it but they gave us $600 up front and then I guess going to pay the rest of it exceeds that.  It should be a relatively easy fix BUT such a hassle to do in Korea.  It certainly isn't severe so we might just wait until we get back to the states.

This past Monday was Korea's Chuseok.  Chuseok is kind of like our version of Thanksgiving.  Families get together but the difference is that they remember their ancestors & things like that.  ALSO, they don't eat turkey :)  They eat "ddeok" those rice cakes I posted a while ago but kind of a variety of them I guess.

One of the associates at the bank brought me ddeok & another brought me meat because I guess that is the "traditional" thing to give each other.  It seriously smelt SO bad I had to stick it in its own drawer in the fridge.  Every time I open the fridge at work I gag because their food smells like permeate through even plastic bags!  Fun.

So mainly I decided this post was going to be about Korean scenery.  I haven't posted pictures up in a while of it and it really is sooo pretty!  So here is a few.  My personal favorite is when we are driving over the bridges driving into the middle of Seoul.

I was so excited when I found out that I could start doing pottery again.  Upstairs on post has a place where you can paint and fire & what not for super cheap.  Here is the first thing I doodled around with, not fired yet so the colors aren't that ugly I promise.  

And this is the second thing I am working on.  I think going to do just 4 plates, 6 is getting boring lol!

We hope everyone is doing well!  We miss all of you a TON & hope we can find a good time to make it home at some point during our 3 year tour here.  It is just a lot harder & expensive than we initially thought it would be.  Love you all!!!!!!!!!

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